Dear Future Designers

Do not procrastinate!

As hard as it is, you will thank yourself for starting projects in advance. Professor Strong gives you ample time to complete assignments, and there’s no reason to scramble the night before. You will be far less stressed if you plan accordingly and work over a long period of time.

Take advantage of office hours.

Professor Strong wants to help as much as she can. By going to office hours, it shows her that you care about your work, and she will be happy to give you feedback. Office hours are a good opportunity to get more feedback outside of class critiques ad ask questions.


At first glance, VIS 317 may sound intimidating. But by the end of the semester, you’ll look back and see what amazing work you’ve made, and it’s so rewarding. When Professor Strong introduced the original typeface assignment, I never thought I would be able to do it, but sure enough, I did. Trust your abilities, and have fun!



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