Dear Future Designers

Welcome to your first major-only class, VIS 317! I hope you are very excited about this! This class is very fun, but also challenging. Here are some tips that might help:

  1. Go to Prof. Strong’s office hours. She is very professional and gives very critical and useful feedback. She will try to push you to do your best on every project. Sometimes, you don’t even need to be very prepared and have a dedicated design concept. Prof. Strong will help you brainstorm and guide you towards the best solution. So don’t be shy! Good design comes from a lot of revisions. 
  2. Write good copies. As an international student, I struggled with the copywriting part. But smart wording can add a lot to your design. Such as taglines and titles.
  3. Practice your presentation. You will be presenting every project to your class, and you will be graded for your presentations. Public speaking is a very important skill for designers. Good public speaking but only delivers clear informations to the audience, but also makes you looks professional. Practice your speech in front of the mirror. This not only can help you prepare your presentation but also you can see your posture. 

Good luck and enjoy designing!


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