Dear Baby Designers~

Dear Baby Designers~ I’m A! A baby designer myself, who was in your shoes only but a year ago. We were asked to give some advice to you and I’m not sure if this will be helpful, but these is my thoughts on what you should know coming into GRA 437 (this also applies to your design life as a whole.)

  1. Type Really Does Matter. Even though clients (and anyone outside of the design world) won’t get it when you explain how this certain serif works best because it is more angular than the other option, that doesn’t mean that type doesn’t matter. Just like all parts of design, type has a purpose and should always be used intentionally. It can create a mood and a feeling and if the type is wrong, the feeling you want to convey may not be understood properly.
  2. Always remember your intention. “Design is art with a purpose.” I don’t know who said that, but it is very important to remember. You need to ask yourself why does this work? for every decision you make. If you’re a designer, you most likely already have some instinct on what will work and what won’t, but you need to make sure you can explain to others why it works. And also remember why you started in the first place. What was your original intention? That is what should guide all of your decisions.
  3. The clock f*ing sucks. You are going to be in Newhouse all night the night before a project is due, it’s inevitable. No matter how many times people tell you to start your work early you will still be last-minuting your projects. (But it’s OK! That is all a part of learning your workflow and learning about yourself as a designer.) Basically, you are always going to run out of time, deadlines are deadlines and you are always going to say, ‘If only I had had another week…’ Just embrace it and know that you’ll try better next time (or maybe the time after that, but probably more like the time after the time after.)

Best of luck you beautiful souls. Professor Strong is an incredible lady who is going to be your biggest fan and worst critic. Listen fully to her words but don’t be afraid to defend your designs either (refer to advice #2). You got this. I believe in you. I look forward to meeting all of you (cause I like to know everyone) and I can’t wait to welcome you to our little family we like to call “Newhouse MPD”.


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