1. I love it. I feel like this design is very clean and unique. I love how the letters progress. It is almost as though you don’t need the text because the visuals stand for itself. I also think the color choices work really well to organize everything and create contrast that isn’t too overwhelming.

  2. I liked this one the most, I think everything works pretty well and it’s really easy to follow

  3. I really like the idea of using the work “typography” as the timeline. It is also very clear to apply the typeface you are introducing into the word so it is easy to understand.

  4. This was definitely my favorite out of all the timelines. I loved that you thought to use the word typography as the actual timeline. The entire feel of the poster is clean and engaging. I think that “the history of” could be a bit smaller since it dominates a large portion of the poster, but overall, you did a fantastic job in my opinion.

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