1. This use of type is a cool way to fill the space and communicate basic information without being overwhelming. I think this purely comes down to the great use of varying shades. It also has nice repetition in the words themselves with “I am.” A possible change would be the spacing between each repeat. There are a couple places where the spacing makes it appear like you are saying “I am university.” A great use of simple design though.

  2. Hi Conner! The repetition in your poster reminds me of Andy Warhol’s style without the trippy bold colors. I enjoyed how your poster is simple while making a statement, and brings a fun vibe to a very boring paragraph. However, since the paragraph is repeated over and over again, the poster would of been much better if the paragraph you emphasized so much on was a more interesting fact about yourself. However I understand you probably went for repetition on top of repetition ( repetition in layout/style and repetition in typography) so that was clever – good job! :)

  3. I love that your poster is simple but not boring at all. You used a single typeface and didn’t have so much information that it was overwhelming. The repetition was a really element that not a lot of people in the class thought to do. I also liked that the most important parts of information were the darkest and the easiest thing to see. Really good job!

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