1. I really love how you were able to deconstruct the word ‘typography’ without losing its meaning and legibility. I also enjoy the details you add, such as the corner frames and the lines that direct your eyes to each date. Everything flows very well, there is a clear hierarchy with a positive abundance of graphics without looking too cluttered and maintaining a minimalistic look. However, I kinda wish the typeface for the word ‘typography’ was all the same to give the design a cleaner look.

  2. I loved how you showed deconstructivism by breaking down words of “typography” into different heights and typefaces. Yet, as a whole, it is very clear that the words in different typefaces are combined to say “typography.” Adding on, I love your use of color contrast with the gray, white and bright yellow. However, it might have been better if you were more experimental with the “deconstruction” process.

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