My name is Allen and I'm a 20 year-old student.


  1. Allen- I honestly love everything you do. You’re poster is so creative and different and has a really cool, unique aesthetic that portrays the sort of relaxed vibe you mentioned in class. The image you used for the background works great- it draws your eye down the page and is simple yet intriguing. My favorite part is your title. I would never thing to put the two hyphens (I hope that’s the right term?) in front of the “Of”- it was sort of genius. What I think would maybe improve the poster is widening the space horizontally between the black bars and also thinking about moving the text off the bars just a space or two. Overall though, I love it – great job!

  2. Hey Allen,

    I think this poster is sweet. You have an amazing style that appears very complex (and tiny) while maintaining a minimalist approach. The only constructive criticism I can provide you with on this piece is your gradient. I get that it is pretty and is a sky, but it makes the timeline itself faded and unimportant. You’re a really smart kid, I think if you applied your intellect to this design, you would have an amazingly successful poster. well done.

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