1. Great job with this! I am just blown away by your cheetah…it resembles the actual animal so closely…you were actually able to show all the muscles that a cheetah has when it runs…so that is just absolutely amazing. All of your animals are really well done and fit together pretty well. I think I really only have two comments: I think the lion’s eyes can be edited a little, I think the big round pupil is throwing me off a little bit, it really makes the lion look surprised and really cartoon-like…and I think with the hummingbird the body is a little too clunky. Maybe a lighter weight could help? Overall, really excellent work Cassie!

  2. I love your illustrations! I think they work really well together as a whole. I also love that you were able to create your own backdrops, which also helped bring the piece together. My favorite illustration is the giraffe. I love the chunkiness of the letters and how they perfectly represent the way the spots would naturally fall on a giraffe. The only thing I would try to change is the lion. Maybe a different typeface would help? It just seems too cartoony and there are too many unnecessary lines created by the serifs. Overall though it’s great and that my only critique on it!

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