1. Kevin, I really like the simplicity of your first animal.The letter ‘y’ really works for the tail and the ‘L’ for the legs also works really well. The only thing I would change about your animals is the last one. I would take out some letter to make the animal more distinct and easily to recognize.

  2. Hi Kevin! Your animals are so fun, and I love the topic that you went with. I love how clean and simple the Wallby. The shape of the letters really captures the feel of the walby. However, I wish that there was more to capture its face or arms. Right now it just feels like a body, and by including the rest of it, it would feel more realistic and personable. The koala is so sweet. I love the use of colors. The parrot uses a lot of super fun colors, but I feel like right now it’s a little too complicated. Removing some letters would really help to simplify it.

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