1. Dalerys, I love this. The way that you displayed all of the letters of Bodoni as the background on so many of the pages is awesome. My favorite part of your specimen is the repetition of the “O” with the red characters within it. My only suggestion would be to carefully read through the specimen and adjust some of the spelling errors that were made. Overall however, I think you killed this assignment. Great job!

  2. Dalerys I love this! Your cover page is beautiful, and I love how you keep the theme of that red letter throughout. The other part I really loved was the 6th page, where the background is black and it says, “Fashion is not about looking back.” Something about having only one quotation mark seems very modern. The only thing I would say is I think sometimes the pages get too busy. On the index page for example its hard to read your name and information. I don’t think all the pages need the compiled red letters. I think leaving some of them black or with a lot of white space will make your design look cleaner and sleeker. But overall, the whole specimen is very chic and I think it fits perfectly with the typeface you chose. Awesome job!

  3. Dalerys, this is so cool! This is so creative, and the package as a whole is awesome. I love the color choices and the pattern you made, and the fact that you were able to transfer that pattern onto letters and quotations marks in the typeface (and that it was still totally readable) is just awesome. You also did a great job of making every page look different, yet unified. Overall, I loved it, the only thing I might change is the vertical lines of different stroke widths that you used the pattern. In those cases, it looks a tiny bit cluttered, and I think it is a bit less effective there.

  4. Dalerys, I really enjoyed reading through this. I thought your book was very well branded and definitely stood out as memorable. I enjoyed your use of diagonal lines and the idea of using different sized letters to make patterns throughout the book, just be careful with pairing that with large text because it tends to seem busy sometimes. I especially liked your back cover, I thought it was clever to only use the letters in Bodini’s name. Again, excellent branding. Fantastic job!

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