Assignment One | Reflection

I’ll admit I’m anxious, but these posts have really sparked excitement for what’s to come in this course. They remind me of the long nights, the meltdowns, the insecurities, and the disappointments that designers often struggle with, but more importantly, these students capture the excitement and adrenaline that can come from the smallest strides in design–atomic details that drive us towards accomplished visual communication; a feeling only a designer can comprehend. One of my favorite pieces of advise was to “get to know your classmates! Designers are kick-ass humans and we should all be friends forever.” Like many of the students pointed out, we as designers are naturally going to have varying styles and visions, but that’s not to say one person’s creation is superior to the next. Many of us research daily inspiration from design moguls, but as our generation moves into professionalism, it is important that we, as young (and hopeful) professionals begin looking to each other for critique, influence and example. Acknowledging this idea, one student reminds us that, “rather than rejecting a design, [we can] think about how to improve it” and “rather than praising a design, [we can] think about what [we] can take away from it.” As daunting as the pressure to brilliantly execute the “perfect” design may be, I’m looking forward to getting started.


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  1. Nice writing, Colleen. Tight and smart.

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