Assignment 1 – Reflection

I flip back and forth between extreme excitement and fierce anxiety when it comes to embarking on this graphic design course. Since this is the first class that I am taking at Syracuse University as an official graphic design major, I can’t help but feel intimidated by the idea that things are being taken to the next level. I’m no longer the only “designer kid” in the room. Yikes.

However, after reading the posts from previous students who have taken and survived this course, I am left with a strong sense of comfort. I know that we are all here as students who are learning and looking to improve. As these students have advised, I can’t let a lack of confidence in my own work get in the way of my progress as a designer. I can’t doubt my abilities, but I must also understand that not everyone is going to like what I create. And that is okay.

These posts have again confirmed why I have chosen this field for my career. I want to be surrounded as well as challenged by people at this university who think in a similar way that I do. Graphic design is what excites me. It is what I am passionate about. It is how I see the world. I look forward to challenging myself through this course.

As my peers have stated, design is in the details. It’s in the hard work, the late nights, the endless caffeine and the occasional meltdown. That being said, I am ready to begin.


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  1. I’m super happy you’re in the class, Juliana. Your enthusiasm is contagious. : )

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