1. I really like the typeface and color palette that you used. Overall it has a nice modern feel and it’s easy to read. I like that you staggered the type a bit to show that you read from one side of the line to the other. That being said, it did confuse me for a second when in the middle of the timeline, it suddenly switched to right to left. Doing that, I think is what created that extra white space in the bottom right corner. I also noticed a few spelling errors. Overall, though, really nicely done!

  2. I like this a lot! Love the use of the lines connecting to the letters in some of the words. Also, I love the choice of colors. I would say that it can be a little difficult to follow.. but other than that, I really enjoyed looking at this!

  3. Your type choice is classic and the colors work well together. It’s also quite easy to understand what the poster is about on first glance. From there, though, the layout and line elements are a bit problematic, calling attention to themselves and disrupting the flow of content.

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