1. I have a new found love for axolotls because of this. I especially like the opacity change and use of the repeating L’s to create the fins (fins?). The appearance of texture is cool and not something that would have occurred to me. The shadow on the legs too where they join the body is a nice detail that makes a big difference. One thing I might change is the way your information is designed. It’s a whole bunch of interesting and well written facts but the heavy typeface draws attention away from the animal itself.

  2. I really love your illustration and the way you have the entire page laid out. I think you did an awesome job picking a color scheme and having a whimsical layout to match the way you described your animal. You also picked a really difficult animal to illustrate because it isn’t well-known, but you did an awesome job making it look like it. I didn’t know specifically what an axolotl was, but I’ve seen pictures before and recognized what you created. The one thing I might change is the size of your panel on the side with your description; I feel like your illustration, as the main thing, shouldn’t have to compete with that much text.

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