1. I love the originality of your timeline. It’s so different and I love the colors you chose. My only criticism is that I am having a hard time reading the timeline from start to finish. Maybe use color to drag your eye through more clearly.

  2. I really love the unique design of your timeline. It’s so pretty to look at and reminds me of a mosaic or a stained glass window. However, I would suggest having a clearer visual pattern as to what order everything goes in. The middle of the page kind of blends together and it’s hard to determine the chronological order. I really love the color scheme and concept!

  3. Overall, Miss Burger, a fresh and delightful approach. So unexpected. Although it can take a few seconds to figure out the navigation, it’s worth keeping. I love that you refused to submit to a traditionally linear approach. The triangles are counterintuitive but engaging, and I like that you left them unaligned with white showing through. The elements I’d revisit: 1) the joints of the black line are too rough and sloppy, and 2) while I understand why you used varying typefaces to expound on each time period. it’s just too much considering the complexity elsewhere. Some of that type also feels awkwardly crowded. …

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