An unconventional path

I chose to major in graphic design because it not only allows me to be creative but offers me endless opportunities to pursue a design career in a variety of fields. However, how I came to this decision is based on past circumstances. Coming into Syracuse, I was planning on pursuing a medical career due to my dad’s pressure. However, I always knew I wanted to follow a creative path since I have always been very much involved and passionate about the arts in high school. After dropping my biology major on a whim, I was very lost. I began to experiment with different careers by researching occupations and taking a variety of classes. Finally, I thought I had found the career of my dreams, which was architecture at the time. However, something did not sit right with me after a while. I decided to stop trying so hard to find the right career path and instead focus on the classes and activities I enjoyed. Over winter break, I got into editing my Instagram photos by adding fun graphics through mobile apps such as PicsArt. My friends and family began to notice my work and brought up the possibility of pursuing a graphic design career. At this point, I could not stop editing. I eventually started teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator. It was a newfound passion that kept growing and growing. I have never felt a love for something like that ever before. It is truly hard to pinpoint why I chose to major in graphic design. At the end of the day, my decision came from a feeling, a feeling that I have never felt before. Despite my dad’s traditional view on careers, this was an unconventional path I knew I had to chase.


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