Advice for VIS317

Hello future designers!

You are in for the time of your life. I promise it will be an amazing experience filled with both highs and lows, but you’ll definitely come out on the other side as a better designer. Welcome to VIS317 typographic design!

Get ready with these quick tips:

Schedule ahead

I would always get together with some classmates on Monday night and battle the 10 p.m. assignment deadline. It was quite the experience … but I can’t say it was worth it. Listen to all of the wonderful people that have taken this class: time management is key. Once the assignment sheet is passed out, schedule ahead! Set aside some time to brainstorm, sketch and come up with something unexpected.

Back up your decisions with some design knowledge

Professor Strong’s lectures are SUPER important. Sure, you can design something, but can you back up the decisions you made? By taking notes you will not only be prepared for the final exam at the end of the semester, but you will have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that you can use at future jobs, internships and presentations. Wow them with a bit of gestalt theory and tell them what a tittle is. And no … I did not misspell that word.  (But seriously, I should’ve taken more notes.)

Get to know Professor Strong

Professor Strong wants you to succeed. If the lengthy feedback videos aren’t representative of that, come to her office hours. Even if you think the video is enough, come anyway! My designs were never perfect, and Professor Strong has the know-how and the eye to tell you what’s not working.

Join an upperclassman in the Steele Center

The Steele Center is my second home. You can always catch a bunch of designers and photographers talking to each other and working on their assignments. Don’t be afraid to be wacky, ask for critique, or introduce yourself to an upperclassman. It really helped me when I was unsure of a direction.


This semester will be difficult, but it will be worth it! Have a great time, enjoy the ride and keep going. I can’t wait to see what you add to the VIS family.

Wishing you the best,



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