Advice for VIS317

I hope you enjoy VIS 317! Here are my top three pieces of advice:

1. Don’t procrastinate
It’s really easy to think that you can finish an assignment the night before it’s due, but trust me it’s not. If you try to finish an assignment right before it is due, you will miss certain requirements and it will be messy, even if it looks good from afar. A lot of projects have to be printed and mistakes are easily seen when printed out so take your time and plan in advance.

2. Listen to your feedback as soon as you get it
When you get your feedback videos from Prof. Strong it’s super easy to hold it off and not listen to it right away, but it is super helpful to listen to them when she sends them and to write down your corrections. This makes it easier to correct your mistakes in a timely manner and gives you time to meet with Prof. Strong if you’re stuck on something. The semester goes by fast and all of the projects will creep up on you!!

3. Take advice from Prof. Strong and your classmates
Presenting in class can be very scary sometimes, but everyone is there to help you. Even if your critiques are harsh don’t take it personally, just use that as motivation to make your designs better and implement the critiques when working on your assignments.


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