Advice for VIS 317

This is your first major-only design class, so it will definitely feel different than any of your other Newhouse classes. This is my advice:
1. DON’T PROCRASTINATE! I’m sure 99% of the other posts say this as well. I read this in the beginning of the class too from previous students and I thought “I’ll try not to!” Seriously, don’t. Procrastination is my biggest weakness that has been positively reinforced in the past because I somehow manage to always pull it off, but not for this class. Also, designing a whole project within just a couple of days is really exhausting, so start as soon as professor Strong gives out the assignment sheet.
2. Get comfortable with the adobe programs if you’re not already! I was frustrated at times when I couldn’t execute my idea because of my lack if knowledge in Illustrator, Indesign, etc. Take some time to really learn the programs (lynda.com is great!) so you’re able to execute your vision accurately.
3. I regret not going into office hours before projects were due because I was often working up until the last minute before the deadline. Professor Strong is really helpful during her office hours and going to see her even in the beginning stages of your work is super helpful! This also will help a lot in the end when you don’t have to do all the project revisions at once. If there’s a break from work in this class, use it to revise your past projects!

This class was hard. Even during times I was struggling, I still felt glad that this is what I chose to pursue. I realized I would rather be stressing over these projects than any other school work I had. Hopefully you all will also realize your design for passion if you have not already! Good luck :)


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