Advice for VIS 317

Hello designers of the future,

I feel old writing this, as it was just four months ago that I was reading the advice of the designers of the past. As the ghost of designers present I am here to offer three pieces of advice to get you through Typographic Design. Be prepared, this class was a lot of work and very time consuming. Here we go.

Advice #1: Time management is key. Make sure that you always dedicate enough time to each of your projects. They take a while. It would be wise to begin them as soon as possible after receiving the assignment sheet.

Advice #2: Talk to your peers. Get advice from your classmates! It’s super helpful to get another perspective for your designs and you might even consider listening to their advice too!

Advice #3: Never expect to get it right the first time. You’ll never submit something that is perfect and doesn’t need to be changed for your first draft. There are always ways too improve and once you get that your work will be much more enjoyable.

Good luck!


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