1. I enjoyed how by splitting your timeline into five columns which stood for five different “categories” you could give that much of a stronger idea of the role each designer or movement made in the greater scheme of things. That said, I was curious why you classified some people the way you did. Also, at times it was a little difficult to follow the line connecting multiple players/movements. But props for putting yourself amongst the designers on the timeline, it was a very bold move.

  2. This is a really creative timeline!! It’s a way that I would never have thought to organize things and I am glad I got to see this. My only criticism is that it becomes a bit difficult to follow at times. I think that it is more clear for us because we have learned all this content in class, but if I were someone who knew nothing about the history of typography, I might find myself a little confused when trying to follow this. Also, I think that it is super cool that you included yourself on the timeline! :)

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