Why Graphic Design?

I originally came to Syracuse as a NOJ major. I had worked on my high school’s newspaper for four years and wanted to be a journalist, so the NOJ decision was an easy one. At that paper, though, each head editor designed their own section, so along with my writing skills, I also gained experience with InDesign and editorial design early on.

When I came to Syracuse I immediately got involved with The Daily Orange. I went to the paper’s open house my first week of school with the intention of getting involved with the News or Feature sections, but when I got there I realized that there was an entire section just for design, and this intrigued me. I realized, talking to editors, that designing pages had been my favorite part of working at my high school paper, and I quickly went up to The D.O.’s visuals room to get more information. I later interviewed to be a designer for the paper, and was hired alongside Emma, who is also in this class.

After two months of designing for the paper I realized I loved designing so much more than writing/interviewing/editing/etc., and switched my major to graphic design. I worked as a designer at The D.O. for three semesters and am now in my fourth as the paper’s presentation director.

What I love most about editorial design is that it beautifully advances the important stories that journalists write every day through meaningful, thoughtful visuals. I am first and foremost passionate about journalism, and studying graphic design allows me to beautify and enhance the craft I love and admire. It’s also taught me to be more critical and conscious of the countless designs that surround me every day.

Studying graphic design is also something I know will let me really, meaningfully contribute to the world, which I appreciate.


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  1. So glad you found your place — and that it’s my place too. :)

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