Why Graphic Design?

My dad always pushed me to pursue something creative in terms of my career, while my mom encouraged me to pursue something practical, such as business. This echoes their personalities exactly, and while I appreciate both of these traits, my dad’s advice won out. He shared one story with me when I asked him what he thought I should be when I grow up. He told me when I was four, I would watch Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” on LaserDisc, but when he upgraded to the new, remastered version, I exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! The colors are so different. I am going to have to get used to this.” From then on, I knew I was passionate about color. When I was eight, my mom would find me on our family desktop downloading “fonts” (which I now know are actually typefaces). She would tease me about being a “weird kid” because I was so fascinated by type. These two stories lend themselves to the idea that an affinity for design is inherent to some people.

I pursued art and printmaking classes throughout elementary and high school. When I visited Syracuse, I realized graphic design was the perfect iteration of everything I was interested in. When I arrived freshman year, I joined The Daily Orange within the first week with Lucy, another graphic design major. I worked as a print designer for three semesters before moving on to become the digital designer this semester. The Daily Orange has taught me everything I know in terms of software and a lot of basic design concepts.

Although all my experience is in editorial design, I want to pursue a career in branding. I am a dual with Whitman, so this field is a good combination of my two interests. I am also interested in advertising design and creative direction. I love the detailed work in design because it always keeps me thinking and paying attention. Design is such a special field of interest because it attracts a very specific type of person. I am looking forward to meeting other people who love color and type just as much as I do and expanding my knowledge of these concepts. I think this class will help me prove my dad right: I chose the correct path.


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  1. What a great story, Emma. Love that you have had the design bug since you were itty bitty. No doubt you will find kinship with us. :) And in the end, I think you really are fulfilling both your parents’ suggestions. Graphic design is both artsy and practical, and there’s more business in it than you likely yet realize.

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