Why Design? – David Connuck

Since I was a kid I was always fascinated by animation.  I remember to waking up early to watch cartoons before school, and my parents yelling at me for being up at or before 6am.  I always thought it would be the coolest job in the world to design animation for these shows. As I grew up, my interests changed but I was always taking note of how design is applied to just about everything.  From water bottles, to book covers, and candy wrappers; I was always fascinated by the prevalence of design. For me, design is a world of possibility. It allows me to explore everything from corporate branding to album covers.  I hope to learn more about how to effectively convey a message in designs as well as how to incorporate my own vision into my designs.


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  1. I’m so glad to know how acutely aware you are of design, and that you’ve been noticing it since childhood. That’s really great and all those years of absorption will no doubt serve you well as you continue. ..

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