Why design

It started when I was about five. I still remember that my teacher told me that my drawing of trees seemed alive. As a daughter of a CEO of a small company, I could not think of being an artist because my father was telling me how artists make little money. My father was not a professional artist, but since he liked art, he painted a few pieces of art and hung it on the wall at home as a hobby. However when I turned 15, I was in New Zealand for one year to go to school and learn English. I took an art class there, and the art teacher told me to continue pursuing art in Korea, too. I did not think about it seriously then because I also thought that ‘how can I make money being an artist?’ As I became a junior in high school, I could not find what I like the most and was able to think back on the moments when teachers told me about the art pieces that I painted. Then I actually faced my real favorite thing which was playing with colors. I was able to say ‘yes’ to  the proposal by art. Since then I kept searching ways to learn skills to visualize my idea into images. I like design because it can contain a lot of meanings and can reflect one’s life. What I want to learn from this class is the process of visualizing my idea well. Since I am a beginner, it is hard to make sophisticated pieces, so I want to learn to improve my taste and to deliver my message well.



p.s. Sorry that I’m late!


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