Why Design?

When I was very little, I knew I love visual things! My mom takes me to paint class from I’m 7 years old to 15 years old. Then, I want to the art school to learn design.
However, I did not draw so much during college years. Instead, I was interested in making the film and engaged in an advertising competition. Time went really fast, I was a senior student and facing make the choice of my future career. I start to think about what I love the most? Thinking the solution (e.g. thinking idea) or filming, because this important for me to go to the production or advertising company. Then I know I love thinking more than filming so I need to practice more design skill for surviving in the agency as an Art. Soon, I’m a junior designer in a small advertising agency as a designer and I worked almost 18 hours per day. I’m really enjoying the feeling thinking idea and make it real and especially in a pretty way! However, I know I need to grow faster and the only way is to keep practicing and SEE MORE THINGS (visual things) so I decided to go aboard and hope see more great works and learn from others who have a different perspective and that’s why I’m here.
Although I worked as a graphic designer for three years I didn’t really learn about typography before. To me, this is a whole new experience and I hope can learn some useful working flow and knowledge on this! I believe that will enhance my design ability for sure and I’m so incited about this class.


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