Why Design?

When I first came to SU I entered as a BDJ major and right away I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue any further past my first semester of freshman year, so I decided to switch to Magazine. I really wanted to give it a chance, however, I completely misunderstood that the magazine major was more so about writing rather than the design aspect of magazine, which is what I was more interested in. I never truly considered graphic design as an option because it was what my dad did before he passed away and I spent a lot of my life forcing myself to like the things he liked because I don’t really remember him. Whether it was liking the color green or playing basketball, I ended up disliking both of those things and I didn’t want to hate graphic design. I was really hesitant to switch, but after taking VIS 207 last semester, I felt as if graphic design chose me, not vice-versa. What I love the most is being able to be creative in every possible way, however since I am new to the major and haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about where it might take me, I am eager to learn more about myself and what I am capable of through taking this class and other classes as I get older.


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  1. What a touching post. I love that “graphic design chose me.” That’s probably more true for all of us than we realize. I’m super glad to have you in the course, Chandler, and I hope to help you find your place in this vibrant and rewarding industry.

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