Why Design?

As I introduced myself when I did the movie poster presentation, I have been learning art since I was 3 or 4 years old. When I first met art, I was deeply amazed by seeing someone drew pictures on the street. I thought that was magic and told my mother this is for my life. Since then, I enrolled in an art training class and learned sketching. Later on, I learned drawing, watercolor, and charcoal drawing. I flied from Beijing, China to California to take lessons about abstract art for the first time in my life in a local art studio after I graduated from high school. I really love abstract art and tend to use abstract elements in my art work. However, none of my family member pursue art as their career. With concerns about whether I could live on myself by fine art, my parents let me to study Graphic Design and be a User-Interface designer in the future. At first, I had no idea what Graphic Design is. I basically knew that graphic designer can design logos, trademarks, packages, and websites. But what about the process? Could I make it? What level I could reach? I had no idea about that. The most important thing was – would I like it? After taking my Graphic Design intro class, I still have not gotten all the answers. But, I know one thing is that I really like it and be willing to make effort on it to learn more and grow up. I want to pursue it as my future career.


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  1. Hi, Jiaqi … Not many people can say they discovered their life’s passion at the age of 3, and I’m so pleased that your pursuit of design has led you here. I’m really looking forward to helping you answer some of those lingering questions and helping you evolve into the designer you were always meant to be.

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