Why Design

My choice to major in design has a fairly long background story that starts in middle of nowhere Western Pennsylvania. I was visiting Clarion University to look at their undergrad library science program since I knew I was going to school with the purpose of going into that field. The night before I visited, sitting in the hotel I was looking at the courses and my dad pointed out that every single course I said sounded like a lot of fun was a design course. Shortly after that, I learned that in order to reach my future career goals I would have to get my master’s degree which meant having an undergrad degree in something. While I thought about many majors, design was obviously something I enjoyed so it seemed like a good match. There are many things I love about designing, but specifically I really enjoy logo design and the concept of communicating an entire brand through a single small image. In this course, I am hoping to learn about the process that goes into making a typeface and to become more efficient in using the Adobe suite.


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  1. I’m so glad your insightful dad got involved. I’m happy to have you here. :)

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