Why Design?

Quite honestly, I’m terrified to be studying design. Before last semester, I had essentially no contact with graphic design. I came in to Newhouse in the fall feeling scared to fail. I was an internal transfer from Arts and Sciences who had just taken a gap year in between my freshman and sophomore year. I began at Newhouse as a photography major, feeling sure that I was going to lag behind everyone else. Despite that, I succeeded in my classes and, by the end of the semester, had this nagging feeling that I didn’t want to study photography anymore. Over Winter Break, I chose to change my major to design. I had been so timid coming into Newhouse after a year off, and yet I had my best semester yet. I broke through my anxieties last semester, so I know I can do it again with design. I was comfortable with photography because I’d been doing it since I was 12. I was uncomfortable with photography, though, because I absolutely didn’t want to study it anymore. I found myself spending hours upon hours working on the GRA 217 projects, pushing myself to learn more than the class could offer. I looked through design pages on Pinterest for days, planning out how I could better my design skills. So, I’m terrified to be studying design. I’m really unsure of what I’m doing, but I know that I want to be studying this and furthering my skills. Since I’m so new to the major, I’m honestly looking forward to every opportunity this class offers. I’m extremely excited to learn about typography as a whole, because at the present moment I know very little.


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