Why Design?

Contrary to what most people know and believe, my journey here at Newhouse did not start off with design. In fact, it started off with a major one could probably say is fundamentally the furthest from design: Broadcast and Digital Journalism. While I have absolutely no regrets about my short time in BDJ, I can honestly say that the MPD department is undoubtedly the right place for me. With very few similarities between the majors, this switch seems rather insane to most, but for me, the choice was easy. While I truly enjoyed the work and camaraderie, there were just certain lifestyle realities that I wasn’t ready to accept. For example, I have always wanted a dog. While this may seem like a frivolous need, it is something that I hold dear to my heart. A career in broadcast simply wouldn’t have allowed me the time or energy necessary to care for a dog on my own. Knowing that, I decided to start hunting around for a new major. I have always loved art and upon hearing about the MPD department from a teacher I was actively talking to, I decided to check it out. After a single meeting with Renee Stevens, I knew graphic design was the place for me and I have been immensely happy ever since. When it comes to why I love design, I think a majority of it is rooted in how knowledgeable I feel every time I work on a project. By knowledgeable I don’t mean book smart, considering my graphic design education has just begun, but rather in relation to instinct. When I design, I feel confident in what I’m creating. I trust my eye and ability to create meaningful relationships between the different elements and that’s a feeling I can’t get anywhere else. With this class, I would like to push myself even further and really challenge what I think I know about type and how to use it. I think this class is going to help me see design in a new light and I truly can’t wait to see what the semester brings.


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