Why Design?

I have always had a love for design. I discovered this love when my parents decided to renovate our house. I was insistent on attending every design meeting, brainstorming with the designer, and even picking out color swatches and patterns. I found interior design to be my outlet, something I enjoyed, and would do to release stress. After I re-designed my whole house with the designer, the designer offered me an internship for the summer. Working with project managers, I just loved the creative environment! I have always been a visual person. As a visual learner, art student, and aspiring fashion designer, I knew I had to be in some sort of design field. I was never great at math, and found design at a young age. I remember asking my mom why on earth I had to take Calculus or physics?! I was anxious to learn design and to apply it to my life. This internship at the local interior design firm lasted for 7 summers and I even worked there doing a work study my senior year of high school because my small private school did not have a design program. . I was immersed in design and loved every minute of it. At first, I wanted to be in interior designer, but as aforementioned i was never great at math and realized that there is a lot of architecture involved. I asked myself what is it that I like about interior design? And i realized that it was the decorating visual piece, the design piece, in which I was drawn to. I decided to apply both to conservative design schools and traditional universities, and ended up at Newhouse, but surprisingly not a graphic design major. I was Fashion Merchandising and PR. I found that I did not see myself working behind a desk all day in PR and that being a double major was too overwhelming. I had to choose, and I chose what I love, I chose design. I switched to a Graphic Design major after having Renée Stevens as a professor for GRA 217. Let’s just say that on the first day of class, I walked out knowing what I was studying for the rest of my time at syracuse. I remember being on the phone with my mom saying “Oh My God mom, you wouldn’t believe this. I found it. I found what I love and am eager to learn more (including the Adobe programs).” With that being said, here I am! A graphic design major eager to learn and excel in the profession. Graphic design has enabled me to express myself through visual design, something I believe is so important. I am also in the Fashion and Beauty Milestone Program within Newhouse and hope to one day use my design skills to do graphic design and magazine layout for a fashion label. I am so excited for GRA 437! Additionally, one of the many things that drew me to this major was the small and close knit community of designers. I think this is so important and value all of my relationships with fellow MPD students and teachers. I am ready to embark on my next 3 years being a graphic design major.


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