Why an Ad kid is taking a Design course

I don’t major in design, obviously, but I do major in Advertising, and the creative side of advertising has a lot to do with design. But they don’t get to teach us about every single aspect. I decided to take this class because I thought it would help and I hate bad typography. I despise the misuse of Comic Sans or a poorly-chosen font. It really grinds my gears – like today, I saw the Gator Bowl Trophy in a glass case in the Dome and it was in Hobo font!! Ridiculous! And though I had some idea of what makes good design and typography, I didn’t have any rationale behind it. I wanted to learn the history, the specifics, and the reasoning behind good design and good type. It’s something that is crucial, in my opinion, in making great advertising, so I’d like to understand it more! I’m excited to begin!


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