What I’ve Learned

What’s the most important thing I learned about design?

Design is all about the details. We are in an industry that attracts perfectionists. If that twitter button on an ipad promo doesn’t link to your page, they will take note. A design cannot simply look pretty, it must be functional and make the viewer’s experience as easy as possible.

What’s the most important thing I learned about typography?

I have learned so much about typography. Every serif and curve was made by the typographer for a reason. Respect their reasons and apply the type’s voice.

What’s the most important thing I learned about myself?

I constant compare myself to others. It’s so difficult to take a step back and remember that everyone has a different style. You have to own your voice as a designer and be confident.

Now that you’ve been through it, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself if you were just starting to take this course for the first time?

One, spell check everything!!!!!! Use the computer, use a  friend, it doesn’t really matter as long as you make sure everything is correct.  It’s such a downer when you find an error that a simple click of a button could have fixed.

Two, do not be afraid to go to office hours. My classes always fell during office hours, but I wish that I had scheduled a separate time to meet and discuss my work. The one time I did go in I left feeling so much better about the direction I was going.

Three, don’t forget to enjoy your work. Frustration really shows through a design.


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