1. These came out awesome! I absolutely love the concept and the illustrations are insane! The one thing I would say is that in all of the stamps the type is kind of hard to read because the lighter color of the text gets lost in the darker color of the background. While I absolutely love the colors the way they are now, maybe you can mess around with switching the text and background color so that the darker color appears on the lighter background. No matter what you do, these stamps must’ve taken a lot of time and effort and the final product shows that. You should be proud!!

  2. Claudia, these came out amazing. Your illustrations clearly took some time to create and I love the style you did them in. They seem edgy and quirky and they create a mood, your color palette also works very well with the concept and mood. However, I believe that the type could be treated a bit differently in some places to establish a clearer hierarchy. The “Lobby Boy” text reads at about equal importance to “The Grand Budapest Hotel” as it is currently written. Also, I worry about the legibility of the “Forever USA” when it is placed against borders of the same color.

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