Well, This Is It … – What I’ve Learned

What’s the most important thing I learned about design? 

Design is more about just an appealing piece of art: it tells a story and changes the mind of the viewer. Design is meant to share emotions, stories, perspectives, and anything else the designer wants. I also learned that the designer is a crucial piece in bringing it all together. I have gained much more respect for design and the process that goes into it. Previously, I had only done small projects but since the projects this semester were much larger, the process was also much longer and more in depth.

What’s the most important thing I learned about typography? 

EVERYTHING: I didn’t know anything about typography when first coming into this class. Grids, kerning, anatomy, typefaces, fonts, everything that goes into typography was foreign to me. I never thought about the detail and the long thinking process that goes into typography. I also thought that words just naturally looked good on paper and as a designer, we didn’t have to do much to it. Little did I know … there is so much that goes into it. With this though, I realized that the way words and characters are to be put on the page are supposed to seem seamless, so that the viewers think the same way I did prior to this class.

What’s the most important thing I learned about myself? 

Know when to say no. I now understand that my passion for design is high and that I have so many ideas when it comes to projects, which is great! But it can also hurt me, and did hurt me this semester. I have learned now when to pull back from an idea and simplify it, so that I can both enjoy my designs instead of being overwhelmed with them and also get a better product in the end. I have become a more controlled designer but also an even more passionate designer than when I started this semester.

Now that you’ve been through it, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself if you were just starting to take this course for the first time? 

1. DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL: all the little things matter, from spelling to the grid to the small .000001 inches where the pictures don’t align. Even though your audience may not notice it, it makes a huge difference once it is noticed. With detail, everything comes much easier.
2. Give yourself enough time: I never really gave myself enough time to fully think through my projects and brainstorm about what I want to design. With time, I will also be able to enjoy them instead of just rushing with time. Whenever I was rushed, I thought more about the grade and the deadline rather than the product and allowing myself to enjoy what I was creating.
3. Use your peers as tools, not as competition: I didn’t fully realize how much my fellow design peers would be of help with me and my creative thinking and my sanity in general. Whenever I had a question, everyone had my back and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that I figured out the answer. My sanity probably would have been saved a lot earlier if I knew this prior.





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