1. I absolutely love your swan followed by your peacock and then owl. I tried to do a swan and a peacock and I failed miserably and gave up. I think that the designs are strong and look like a set. I think what you could improve on is your Owl to make it more like it is part of the set. To me, the letters come across as fillers rather than feathers. If you wanted to go with a complete white-ish theme you could experiment with shades of white and grey for the peacock’s feathers and body. Great job overall though!

  2. Juliana, I love how you placed your animals on the black background it makes them stand out and be noticed due to contrast, which is nice execution of the Gestalt principle. I also love how you choose to use script fonts for the peacock and swan. I think your typefaces truly match the personality of the animals. The owl is the only animal where you did not use the script and it is much larger than the rest of the animals. It takes away from the cohesiveness and unity of all of the animals. If you could figure out a way to use script with the owl or to find a bird where script matches it’s personality it would improve the overall unity of your piece.

  3. I really like how you made your peacock, the color and the arrangement of those letters. I also like your owl, by using w to show illustrate the feather. I think you can add a little more detail in the swan. At the same time, you can play around with the color scheme to make this three animals look more like a set.

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