Visibility and Invisibility in Design

Why Design?

Although I do not have long experiences in designing, here is the beautiful philosophy that I found in design. We tend to believe what we can see more than what we cannot see. Through what we see, we think, we communicate, we judge, we laugh, we cry, etc. I believe that visibility is so powerful in our lives that it activates our thoughts and emotions. The reason why I design and why designing is so attractive to me is that it embraces both visibility and invisibility. By showing a “visual” design to the viewers, there is also an “invisible” meaning the designer intentionally put beyond what they see. It makes people think and question, and I think this is also a part of visual communication. I’ve been loving art since high school. I enjoyed creating artsy stuffs such as drawing, painting, crafting, designing etc. not just because it’s is purely aesthetic, giving me a pleasant feeling and relieving me from all the stress and distractions. What is more, I truly feel that the process of designing is also the process of learning about myself. Of course, it is sometimes stressful and challenging. Yet, it would help me to pursue a more creative and open-minded approach to life. In this course, I am looking forward to being able to think outside the box and being inspired by looking at classmates’ various works. I’m sure this semester will be great with the wonderful designers in this class!


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