VIS 317 Advice

Hello new students!! Welcome to your second major course. Get ready because you’re in for a heavy semester of work (fun work :)..)

Below is some advice I would like to share before going into this course:

  1. PAY ATTENTION AND ALWAYS TAKE NOTES— Make sure you always have a notepad and pen on you because the powerpoints presented each lecture are going to contain useful information for later tests in class along with understanding terms.

2. WATCH FEEDBACK VIDEOS— The videos professor Strong is going to send you after each project presentation contains helpful and important information that will help you understand the things not working in your designs and ways on properly fixing them. You are also going to have to fix all your projects by the end of the year too so watching these are KEY.

  1. DON’T PROCRASTINATE— Projects are going to come and go fast so being on top of everything is highly reccomended. Sometimes you are going to have to work on more than one project at once so you need to have good time managment. Trust me you do not want to be staying up past 3am finishing a project.

With these three tips I hope you enjoy typography because it is a class like no other



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