1. What up Hannah?
    The thing that I love most about your specimen is the flow of it. It reads really well and keeps me engaged and intrigued the entire time. My favorite page is the one where you show where and how Futura is being used in pop-culture today, very cool. I think that you could fiddle around with the pages where you display all the “r”s and maybe write some words out because “r” means nothing to anyone where as words carry meaning and provide you with a platform to make people think, laugh, smile, or want to throw up.
    Overall…. Love it. Excellent work, keep it up.

  2. Hannah, I think you did a really amazing job with your specimen. Each page is so simple and engaging it is very inviting to read. Your colors choices also help aid in adding a simplicity to each page. I also find Futura to be a simple yet dynamic font and your specimen does a great job of embodying those qualities. On all the other pages the content is all very vertical but for the numbers page the descriptions are all places sideways next to the numbers. I would play around with just leaving the descriptions just vertical next to the numbers. Other then that I think that the content is purposefully and well placed. Great job!

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