1. Hey, this timeline is pretty beautiful. I think that the use of colors and contrast really draws you in. The names of the designers are really strong, but the names of the movements kinda get swept under the rug. Personally, I would have liked to see the actual dates pop a little more.

  2. I think this is a very creative way to attack the assignment! I love how you fit all of the type together and color coded the names to correspond to their significant dates. However, the only think I have difficulty with is telling apart some of the colors. I like the color scheme a lot but some of the blues get a little confusing and I can’t tell which name goes with which sometimes.

  3. I also enjoy this approach, using colors and each typographer’s design (I assume) to create an appealing illustration. This is the strength of this poster. On the weaker side, I do agree that at times the colors are a bit difficult to distinguish, but my larger concern is the abrupt separation between the movements on the left and the typographers on the right. They don’t work in tandem, rather against each other. I would explore other approaches and also run the title all the way across the page, rather than uniting it only with the typographers.

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