1. Lucy, this is a stunning piece! The organic forms make me feel like I’m watching a lava lamp (super 60s!) You did a great job balancing the complexity of the type with the simple top-to-bottom flow of the information. My one critique is that the summary at the bottom is just a bit too small, and the white is hard to read on the pale background.

  2. Lucy~
    I agree with Bridget– This is stellar. I think the summary text shouldn’t be white. It’s great that it doesn’t take away from the timeline, but it should be more legible. Love the colors–bold but not too much. Well done.

  3. Lucy, I love this piece! It definitely creates the effect of psychedelic design. I really like how you used other pieces of design from this movement as inspiration for your shape for this design. The way you were able to warp the text really expresses this movement in a creative way.

  4. Lucy, I really enjoyed your psychedelic re-creation of the original poster you sought inspiration from. This is a really great way to familiarize yourself with the movement by emulating an already existing poster. It increases your skill level of using tools in the programs also. One suggestion for next time would be to use psychedelic colors, as color is an important factor in design.

  5. Lucy, I absolutely love this timeline. I think you took a fantastic psychedelic piece and did an awesome job re-creating it while still maintaining your own individual style. The warping of the letters created such a great illusion without making it unreadable.

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