1. Lucia, you did such a good job of taking elements from the pop art movement and incorporating them into your timeline. I love the colors you used and especially the title section in the upper right corner. The dots and typeface really convey the movement well. The only thing is I feel like you tried to do too much by incorporating too many elements of pop art (Ben-Day dots and different typefaces and different colors, etc.). I like that you carried the circle shape through to the actual timeline portion, but I think you should have kept this going when you move to the lower left corner. The squares seem kind of out of nowhere in terms of the aesthetic of the design. I really do love the concept you were going for, just a little more restraint in one area would have been helpful I think. Really good job!

  2. Lucia, I really enjoy the way you made you timeline and how it leads the viewer’s eye down the page. I love the way you embodied the movement with the bright colors and variety of modern and classic typefaces. I think one way which you could improve this design is to limit yourself to portray one theme of the movement, it would make the design a lot easier to follow. If you based the design solely around the Ben-Day dots or the strong colors and shapes you used in the bottom left corner, I think it would make the design more simple and reflect the movement better. All in all, your timeline and your presentation were very informative! Good job!

  3. Lucia, I love the bright colors that you chose in order to reflect on the pop art movement. I think that the dots for the timeline was a great idea too. That being said, I think there are too many parts or ideas to your timeline and thats makes it look like it is not cohesive. I would suggest choosing one thing, such as the dots, and going with with. I do like the squares, but i think they fight for attention with the dots.

  4. Lucia, having not been there for your presentation, it was very obvious at first glance what movement this poster was created based off of. I think you did a great job taking elements from this movement to create this piece. I especially like the continuation of spheres across the page, and I agree that the squares are not cohesive with this design. I think continuing the dots across the page would allow for the page to flow easier and look more cohesive, but overall, I think your timeline looks great!

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