1. I really enjoyed this poster. I thought that your design solution was clean and simple but it made it easy to follow. However, there was a lot of whitespace on the page and your text is a little small so I had to zoom in to read it. I wish you took advantage of the excess space on the page by making your type a little bigger so it was easier to use. Additionally, the descriptions going down the right side of the circle were all upside-down so I’d consider flipping the direction that the text reads in. I’d rather have to read starting out and going in towards the circle for the vertical dates rather than struggle to read upside-down text.

  2. This is so cool! I love how the circle shape you chose implies a cyclical and repetitive nature to the history of Type. I think this is very befitting of the craft of type design and printing itself. That being said, most of the dates and names are upside and therefore difficult to read. I suggest Inverting everything, putting the date on the inside of the type rays and have the explanation or event or name be the part shooting out from the circle. Lovely work!

  3. I really like your poster, is very different from what a typical timeline looks like, definitely very unique. The design is very simple yet intriguing, I think the color choice was great because they pop against the black capturing people’s attention. The only thing I would consider is flipping the text from the right side because it makes it really hard to see when it’s upside down. Other than that great job!

  4. Love the idea of the time circle and the clean lines. The bluish green you chose seems like to express an idea of the solar system. And this idea of time goes well with the concept of history of typography. The only thing I would consider changing is maybe try moving the events and make most them horizontally readable. Because if the poster is stuck in a wall and cannot be tilted around, it is somehow hard for people to read.

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