So, what stuck most with me was that everyone came from different places – that being the reason I used the map as a central point to my timeline. Hope y’all enjoy!




  1. I really like how you chose a completely different approach to this assignment! Including a map was a really cool idea, and you were still able to show all the different people and movements in sequential order. I think maybe I would have made the type a tiny bit bigger, or maybe put the names in a heavier weight, to introduce a little more contrast. Also, the continents or the lines should probably be different colors, that way you can more easily tell what things are connected. Really nice work though!

  2. This is so cool! I think that the map really works effectively. I like how you focused on where they came from. The little circles with the pictures make the times and people a lot more understandable and identifiable, and the type is a good size so that it does not overwhelm the page. The only thing is that the lines are hard to follow from the people to their countries because they are all the same color and size, and they all connect so following them is a little bit of a challenge. I think the idea is really great though, and if the lines were easier to read this would make a great poster!

  3. I love the cartographic approach. It’s unique and adds an important level of understanding. I also appreciate the portraits, which help to underscore the significance, variety and historical context of typographers. Overall, you did a great job of enhancing the information we learned in class. As far as improvements, 1) the map creates a visual void, with the choicest spot on the page offering little content, 2) the locator lines are imperceptible and the dots nearly so, 3) to purpose/meaning of the white dots on black is unclear and confusing, 4) the lead type could use a bit more visual weight.

  4. Please also upload a larger file next time. It pixelates and is difficult to assess.

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