1. I love the concept of paying homage to Disney because he was such a quintessential part of so many of our childhoods. I also think you did a beautiful job of simplifying the movies into one key image that is easily identifiable. With that said, I think the Snow White stamp feels slightly out of place and that may have something to do with how it utilizes the space on the stamp. I think if the image took up more space and was slightly easier to understand that would help it feel more unified with the rest. You can probably accomplish that by having just an apple or maybe another image all together. Either way you did a great job and the series itself is absolutely adorable!

  2. Hi Jordan, I love your stamps a lot. I love how you simplify these characters and your use of colors. The only suggestion might be that you can switch the direction of the snow white, so that it can be the same direction as Dumbo and Pinocchio, and we will not relate it to Jobs and Apple. Also, you can move the hand and the apple a little bit downward then the stamp wont be too empty.

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