1. I think you really nailed the feel and personality of Franklin Gothic: clean and modern. The color palette you used is really nice and fits with that personality as well. I love that you went with a slim, vertical layout; it was refreshing to see that in a sea of horizontals. You did a great job with treating the body copy too. Everything is easy to read and you switched up the placement of the text from page to page, which kept it interesting. I like the squares and how they feature well-known uses of the typeface, but I think the copy above it is a little tight. It looks off, considering that everything else is well-placed. If this were being printed and bound, the text to the left might be a little cut off by the binding. So, just a slight move to the right, or a different placement would help. Really great work though!

  2. This is awesome! The biggest thing that stands out to me is how strong your color choices are. They aren’t in your face at all, but they just work really well together. I like that you have a clear sense of hierarchy on all your pages and you present information in a very organized way. I do agree with Shawna about the text above the squares. It seems that it could be aligned differently so that it isn’t right on the edge. Overall this is really great though! Awesome job!

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