1. These are all really great! I was blown away during our critique when your illustrations were brought up. I think you did a good job of simplifying the shapes of the animals and you really paid attention to how they relate to the shapes of each letter. It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite, but in my opinion I think the giraffe is the most successful. It was very clever to use the ear of the “g” as the ear of the giraffe itself. And it is amazing how much the “g” resembles a giraffe’s head. And although I like your raccoon, I don’t think it fits the series as well as the others. It is more of a close up on its face rather than its entire body, which makes it stand out from the rest.

  2. I think this a very effective presentation of your illustrations. The design that all animals are set in obviously brings the set together but it almost adds personality to the illustration. I really appreciate how your animals are very minimalistic and the type is set in a way that it is very easy for the reader to visual read and see what animal it is.

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