1. I really loved what you did with the repetition of the insect illustration and layering in different fade percentages. The illustration and the visuals of your stamp series is very well united. I also love the colors you used for the backgrounds- although they are different, they are very well coordinated! One thing, I think it might look better if the typefaces are more consistent. Maybe, adjusting the height different between each words might make the design look stronger. Overall, I think you did an amazing job, Kateri :)

  2. Kateri, these are really beautiful stamps. They look incredibly professional and I can see them being sold by the Post Office in real life! Your illustrations are really strong and I love the layering effect you created by playing with opacity. I think there is good color unity and a consistent illustration style which is hard to achieve across three different projects. One thing I think could be improved is the body text. It seems a little small for the size it will be printed at and the italics make it a little hard to read at such a small size. I haven’t seen them printed out, but that is just something to consider when you’re making changes. All around you did a fantastic job.

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