Spoon-fed Design

As mentioned in my poster presentation, my dad introduced me to design. He worked with Massimo Vignelli for 25 years, and educated me on his career. I was ten years old when he presented me with examples of Massimo’s work, and raved about the elegance, simplicity, and visual appeal. At the time, I was not impressed. I did not understand why my dad pointed out ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design as we went about our daily lives, nor why he was so passionate about the way everything looked. It was not until high school that I realized my dad had been cultivating my love for design for years. He taught me to look critically at design, and appreciate the beauty of it. I walk through stores examining the myriad of typefaces, colors, and packaging, and am always mesmerized. I can not go anywhere without observing the way the world looks. So, why design? Not only is my passion close to my heart, but design is everywhere we look! I want to learn to create the enticing and innovative movie posters, magazine covers, and packaging that excite people the way they have inspired me to pursue a career in design.


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